Residential Irrigation

An automatic sprinkler system is no longer a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity!

Conservation. All of us must do our part. And the place to start is with the most precious natural resource of all. 

Water. If you're like most homeowners, you're using up to 50% more water than your landscaping requires. That's neither frugal for the pocket book, nor beneficial for the lawn. More water does not always mean more beautiful results.

The solution isn't just watering less. But watering more scientifically: The right amount of water, evenly distributed in the right places at the right time. Quality residential irrigation can provide this to virtually any home owner. An Automatic Toro Irrigation System makes all that possible & is a system you can count on.

Every automatic sprinkler has three parts: the controller, valves and sprinklers. The more you understand about the demands on these components, the more you'll want your system to be all Toro Irrigation. An automatic sprinkler system is no longer a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity!

Controller. Automatically regulates valve and sprinkler operation. Usually mounted on the garage wall, either side, inside or out.

Valves. Regulate water flow to the sprinklers. Can be installed above or below ground, usually near the water source.

Sprinklers. Apply water at steady rates. Standard overlapping spray patterns provide exact, even coverage across the entire lawn.

A reliable residential irrigation controller means that you can always water at the optimum time of day. Not everything needs water at the same time. Every landscape is comprised of "zones" defined as areas that have their own special needs. These needs are the result of many variables like plant types, soil conditions and sun exposure. Automatic Toro Irrigation allows you to program up to 6, 9 or 12 different zones.

It also know's when it's raining - whether you anticipate rain or not, our Rainswitch will make your controller weather-wise by automatically shutting it down when it rains, and starting it up again when it dries out.

You'll also find a special water conservation control for adjusting all watering run times from 25% to 200%, depending on seasonal needs and the demands of unpredictable weather. The Toro Soil Moisture Sensor is the ultimate in seasonal and climatic automatic adjustment, measuring the soil's actual moisture content and allowing the controller to water only when it's necessary.

No matter how simple or complex your landscape, an automatic Toro Irrigation system has the sprinkler family to cover every angle of your residential irrigation needs. Including over 100 nozzles and accessories, with special patterns, arcs and pressure compensating options.

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