No-mess Irrigation Solutions

Minimize damage to existing lawns landscapes and save time and money by employing Freeman Irrigation to install your irrigation system using underground attachments. 
You'll almost never know we've been there!
  • We can install without trenching so the project is almost totally invisible! 
  • All pipe work is underground - no more unsightly mess, hoses or sprinklers lying around.
  • Enhance the value of your property.
  • Protect your valuable trees and shrubs.
  • We offer an annual Warrant of Fitness Service.
  • All sprinklers are thoroughly checked.
  • Save water and be kind to your lawns and gardens by installing an automatic Toro irrigation system that irrigates at night. By giving plants a controlled amount of water you encourage strong roots.
  • Your time is precious, a Toro irrigation system takes the hard work out of a garden and leaves the benefits of continuous healthy, lush growth.