Freeman Irrigation Gardens & Lawns - Do you want to save time, money & water on irrigation?

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Do you want to save time, money & water on your irrigation?

• Automatic irrigation systems save water by irrigating at the correct time of day 
  (minimize installation damage, no evaporation, your lawns will be green, healthy & lush) 
Quality irrigation design, supply & installation systems that save money 
  (add value to your property, time is money and no dragging around garden hoses)
 Latest technology sprinklers give you the most efficient use of water 
  (your plants will love you for it)
Automatic irrigation systems work for you while you're on holiday!

Just add water and we do the rest...
 Residential & lifestyle block landscape irrigation
Irrigation servicing & maintenance
 Trenching & mole ploughing
Drip-line applications for shelter belts & gardens
 Commercial, horticultural & viticultural irrigation options
 Parks, reserves & golf courses
Subdivisions, residential and commercial business parks

Commercial Irrigation for Street Berms